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Meet your Veterinarian 

Constance Heeren Montagu

Col. No. 1154 COVIB


Graduated in Veterinary Medicine from CEU Cardenal Herrera University in 2016.

After several years of experience on the island working at Santa Eulalia and San José Veterinary Clinic, the need for in-home veterinary services became apparent. With the support of collaborators and clinics on the island, HomeVet Ibiza was born.

Continuous training with the best European veterinary associations, such as the Spanish Association of Veterinary Specialists in Small Animals (AVEPA).

Collaboration with numerous departments in some of the world's finest small animal hospitals, including the Royal Veterinary College in London and the UAB Veterinary Clinic Hospital in Barcelona. Additionally, I worked with the veterinary team at the Equine Clinic during the 2016 "World Polo Tour" in the Dominican Republic.

My journey in veterinary medicine has been one of education, experience, and collaboration, all of which have contributed to the creation of HomeVet Ibiza, where our mission is to provide exceptional in-home veterinary care for your beloved pets.

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